Which solution is right for your roof?

Anything is possible on the flat roofscape of our city; harvesting and storing rainwater, generating energy, or boosting biodiversity through vegetation while prolonging the life of your roof at the same time. Choose a Red, Green, Blue or Yellow Roof - or why not a combination? Ech roof color has its own functionality. Read more below!

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Extensive Green Roof

A green roof (also known as a vegetative or eco–roof) is a layer of vegetation on top of a flat roof. 

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Intensive green roofs are made up of a large variety of plants and can therefore, in comparison to extensive roofs, retain a relatively large amount of rainwater. 

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Dynamic Blue Roof

Blue-green roofs have the exceptional quality of storing a lot of rain water - much more than their ‘regular’ green roof brothers and sisters.

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Energetic yellow roof

On yellow roofs energy is generated via solar panels that can serve as an energy source for the building itself. 

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Recreational red roof

The color red symbolizes social gatherings, cafes and restaurants, sports, and games; this is a roof that is used for recreational purposes! 

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